PostEurop Story

PostEurop is the member-driven association which represents European public postal operators since 1993. It is committed to supporting and developing a sustainable and competitive European postal communication market accessible to all customers and ensuring a modern universal service. It is a recognised restricted union of the UPU and participates regularly in UPU related activities. Visit for more information.

PostEurop Members are committed to offering a sustainable, efficient and innovative postal service across the EU and beyond to support a stronger and competitive EU economy. Postal operators are a cornerstone of the fast-growing e-commerce industry and a crucial pillar of the EU’s Digital Single Market. The Posts are trusted across Europe and are an essential factor for the EU economy – from rural areas through to suburban and urban areas.

PostEurop Members promote social inclusion by connecting different regions, consumers and producers, institutions and citizens. PostEurop Members are committed to environmental sustainability – including delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

PostEurop General Assembly 2022

The 2022 PostEurop General Assembly will be held in Dublin, Ireland. The annual General Assembly gathers Members of the association to discuss and approve matters pertaining to the strategy and running of organisation. The agenda will consist of mandatory issues as part of the legal fulfillment of the Association’s governance. The Business Forum has been designed to address topical issues with the opportunity for live discussions afterwards. In addition, the annual EUROPA Stamps, CSR Coups de Coeur and Innovation Awards will be presented during the gala dinner.


Business Forum 2022

This year’s Business Forum, organised alongside the General Assembly, will give the participants the opportunity to follow the most recent Economic and postal trends, and deep dive into how posts can achieve a sustainable social and competitive transformation in challenging times.

The 2022 Business Forum

The Business Forum will be moderated by Botond Szebeny and include question and answer sessions.


Our People

PostEurop Headquarters is based in Brussels to facilitate the Board of Directors, Committees, Circles and Transversals activities and ensure daily management and administration. The team of 12 supports PostEurop members in navigating the evolving market and promotes their interests to all relevant stakeholders.


What participants say

“We are proud of every single postal worker who strives to keep deliveries going and in turn help the community, especially during the current pandemic.”

Jean-Paul Forceville – Chairman of the PostEurop Board of Directors