About Serbian Post

The organised transmission of letters in Serbia began during the First Serbian Uprising (1804–1813), and the National Assembly in 1805 in Borak, which led to the reorganizing of the existing mail transmission network, the so-called “menzulanas”. After the collapse of the uprising, serious preparations for organising a public postal service began in 1839. The first post office for public transport in Serbia was opened on 7 June 1840, in Belgrade, and this day is officially celebrated as the Day of the Post of Serbia.

Thanks to the application of modern technologies, digital solutions and the automation of work processes, the Post of Serbia is today one of the biggest promoters of socio-technological development, employing almost 15,000 employees.

Our postal network, which consists of 1,534 branches, a modern fleet with more than 1,200 delivery vehicles, over 1,400 mopeds and more than 1,700 bicycles, as well as a network of over 500 parcel machines, ensures equal accessibility of the Post services to all citizens, even in the most remote areas and has an immensely important role in promoting social equality and connecting people and businesses in domestic and international contexts.

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