About the Awards

This year’s event will include the presentation of the Innovation Award and the CSR Coups de Coeur Awards.

The 2023 Awards

The Innovation award is given to the most remarkable new development with distinctive qualitative and quantitative benefits to achieve sustainable results, whilst fostering innovation at the core of postal operators.  This year a special Rising Star for Innovation Award will be given out for the very first time.

For a long time, postal operators are the fabric of society. Since 2014, the CSR Coups de Coeur awards recognizes the best in class Corporate Social Responsibility practices for Employees, Economy and Environment.

EUROPA stamps are among the most collected and most popular stamps in the world. It underlines postal cooperation, promotes philately and builds awareness around the common roots, culture and history of Europe.  This year participating postal operators are issuing the common EUROPA stamp design motif based on the winning Post Luxembourg design “The New Peace Symbol”.  The symbolic celtic chain extended across Europe to call for Peace.  An exhibition of these stamps are foreseen in Bratislava.