Outcome of the virtual PostEurop Extraordinary General Assembly on 1 June 2022

On 1 June 2022, a PostEurop Extraordinary General Assembly was held virtually, aimed at amending the Association’s Statutes to allow for the suspension or exclusion of a Member from PostEurop; and to revoke Mrs Olga Zhitnikova of JSC Russian Post as a Member of the Board of Directors.
PostEurop Members approved the new and coordinated version of the Association’s Statutes with a consensus. These changes have automatically entered into force following this Extraordinary General Assembly meeting.
The revocation of the position within the PostEurop Board of Directors of Mrs. Olga Zhitnikova, has been adopted via secret voting by PostEurop Members. Following the decision adopted during this Extraordinary General Assembly, a call for candidates will be launched to replace the position of Mrs. Zhitnikova until the end of the current term on 31 December 2022. More details on the procedure will be communicated to PostEurop Members in due time.
To implement the approved decisions of the Extraordinary General Assembly, a virtual Extraordinary Board of Directors meeting also took place subsequent to the General Assembly, where a decision was taken to start the statutory process which may lead to the suspension of two Members: RUE Belpochta (Belarus) and JSC Russian Post (Russian Federation).
We thank you once more for your precious cooperation and for your support in these challenging circumstances for our organisation.
Jean-Paul Forceville                                                                     
Chairman of the PostEurop Board of Directors
Botond Szebeny
PostEurop Secretary General